As mentioned Sunday, I am on “vacation” for the next two weeks.  When I return, I will begin a new series from the book of Proverbs. It goes without saying that one of the main themes will be wisdom.  However, some folks are confused on exactly what wisdom is.

I like to think of wisdom in terms of guardrails for life.  Have you ever taken the time to really consider guardrails?  If you have, it was probably when you hit one with your car.  While you damaged your car, the guardrail probably saved your life.  It was protecting you from possibly a steep drop off or oncoming traffic. It was placed there as a precaution to prevent something more serious from happening.

Such is the nature of wisdom.  When we listen and heed it, we put guardrails in our lives that prevent bad things from becoming worse things.  For example, there is great wisdom in saving money. When you do, you are prepared if a need comes up or you lose your job. Saving won’t prevent the problem, but it will keep from being a crisis.

I want to encourage you to make every effort to attend this series.  I know God is going to speak to us in very practical ways through this series.  If you cannot make it, be sure to catch online on our website.  I would ask for your prayers of protection during my vacation and that God would refresh and revive me and my family during this time.

I want to leave you with a verse to reflect on:

“The prudent see danger and take refuge. But the simple keep going and suffer for it.”                         Proverbs 27:12 NIV
See You in two weeks!