What Road Are You On?

The road you’re on determines where you’ll end up.

This was the wisdom I talked about on Sunday.  My new sermon series is titled, “The Path” and this was the first sermon in that series based on the book of Proverbs.  While not particularly profound, this is a powerful reality.

Often wisdom is overlooked because it does not appear very sophisticated or complex.  It is many times so simple that it is painfully obvious.  Roads always lead somewhere. Even dead ends are somewhere.  The road you’re on determines where you’ll end up.  This is true in every area of life.

In addition to that, your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.  Over the years, I have heard many folks talk about how it was never their intention to end up in wherever mess they were in.  Maybe it was their marriage falling apart or filing for bankruptcy, it did not matter.  Their good intentions did not matter.  Their direction was what determined where they ended up.

The good news is that you can CHANGE your direction to align with your intention.  For example, let’s say your intention is to have a better marriage with a closer relationship with your spouse.  You can CHOOSE to put yourself on the right road or path to make that happen.  That path would include things like spending more time with them doing what they enjoy and doing things for them to show your love and commitment.

Another example would be in the area of finances.  No one intends to get to the end of their life and have no money for retirement.  However, many people do because they never put themselves on the right path to avoid it.  They spend as much and often MORE than they earn.  They finance the difference with credit.  Anyone else looking at their situation can easily see where this road goes, but they can’t or won’t.  It is their direction, not their intention that will matter in the end.

This is why we need to carefully consider the path we are on and whether or not it is going where we want to go.  Once we determine that then we can make the changes necessary to get on the right path going where we need to go.

Where are you going?  Do you know?  Do you even know where you want to go?  We will be talking more about God’s wisdom and His answers to these questions this Sunday.


See You Then!