Summer is upon us.  It seems like we skip spring completely.  As we all take our vacations or simply travel for family weekends, I want to offer a few thoughts to keep in mind.  
  1. Don’t vacation from worship service.  Wherever you go, there is always a church nearby you can attend.  I know it can be a little awkward to enter another church but make the effort.  You might just find the difference refreshing and uplifting.


  1.  Don’t vacation from supporting the church.  It is important that everyone realizes that even though you are not here, the work still goes on and bills still have to be paid.  However, it’s not just your financial support but also your volunteer efforts are needed.  Please make sure if you are taking a weekend off that you are not scheduled to serve that Sunday.  If you are, contact the appropriate staff person ahead of time so a substitute can be arranged.


  1. Don’t vacation from God.  Vacations are a great time to get away from the day to day work schedule.  Do not use it as a time to take a break from your daily time with God.  In fact, vacations can be an excellent time to dive deeper.  Besides your daily devotions, why not grab a great Christian book to read or even listen to on the road.  This can make your time both physically and spiritually refreshing. 

As I mentioned, I will be preaching on Judas this coming Sunday and then I will be off for two weeks of vacation.  Dave Nance will be finishing the series on the Apostles of Christ.  I will begin a new series from the Book of Proverbs on Sunday, June 24.

I want to close by mentioning that Dawn Nance has done a wonderful job on updating our website.  The weekly sermons are there for you to listen to.  She is also broadcasting the sermon through FACEBOOK live every Sunday as well.  If you cannot make to church, you can catch the message via our FACEBOOK page.

See You Sunday,