8-19-20 Important Covid Safety Protocol Update


Due to the continued threat of possible infection, the leadership has decided unanimously to modify our current policy on the use of masks. When attending our public worship service, you will be REQUIRED to wear a mask entering and exiting the building, and when not seated in the auditorium. While we hope everyone will freely cooperate, you will be DENIED entry if you refuse to wear a mask.

This policy is consistent with the current state mandate and is the same as the one followed when eating in a restaurant. Our objective is to protect all those in attendance from needless exposure and possible infection. We have, thus far, been very blessed that no one in our congregation has had a confirmed infection. As our children go back to school, and our activity increases, so will the risk of infection. Your willingness to wear a mask will help to protect others as well as yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the leadership team.

Leadership Team
Crossroads Christian Church

Greetings Crossroads! 7-25-20 Update


I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what our mask policy is going forward. Most of you have probably heard that the governor has issued an executive order making the wearing of masks mandatory throughout the state. However, the order specifically exempts “any person attending or engaged in a religious service as he or she must already maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household.”

While there are many who have very strong views on this issue of wearing masks, the leadership has prayerfully with discernment determined the following response. We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask when entering and exiting our service. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask if you maintain the physical distancing. You can keep your mask on the entire service if you choose to do so for your own personal protection.
It is our sincere desire that everyone make the best choice regarding attendance and mask-wearing for yourselves and your loved ones. Keeping our Crossroads family safe and healthy is our goal as we continue to minister in these unprecedented times. As leaders, we welcome both your prayers and your opinions.
The Leadership Team
Crossroads Christian Church

Greetings Crossroads!

This is a special update on where we are in terms of our public services and the virus protocols we are following.  Starting on Sunday, June 28th, we will be relaxing our protocols.  This means the following:

  • Masks will be OPTIONAL. Wear one if you want for your own protection and for the possibility of virus spread.  We will still have them available for those who need one.

  •  We will still be checking temperatures as you enter the building and asking you to maintain physical distancing.

  • We will return to our normal children’s programming during the service but be advised that your children will outside as much as weather permits so have them dress accordingly.

As the summer progresses, we sincerely hope that conditions continue to improve and that we can return to “normal” whatever that may look like.

Remember that our FULL service is still being broadcast to both Facebook and YouTube.  If you are not able or don’t feel comfortable in coming to worship, there are options for you to stay connected.


God Bless and Keep You Safe and Healthy,
The Leadership Team

Important Info Regarding our Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Dear Members and Friends of Crossroads:

It would be an understatement to say that this pandemic has affected the church.  The leadership team in consultation with the staff and multiple ministry partners have prayerfully develop this plan for the return to public worship services.  We are as anxious to be gathering with our brothers and sisters as you are.  However, we want to be wise and cautious in that the situation does remain fluid as we learn more and more about how the virus is transmitted from person to person.

We want to make it clear to everyone in our congregation and those who may come as guests that it is NOT possible to prevent ALL avenues of infection.  Gathering in public will ALWAYS have a measure of risk.  Even in hospitals, where you have trained professions using the best of precautions, some have become infected.  The following protocols have been developed based on the best practices given what we know now to prevent transmission from person to person.

Finally, we are asking everyone to respectfully comply with these protocols when asked, even if you disagree with them.  Now is not the time to assert one’s independence but to work together for the safety and welfare of others.  As the situation in our community evolves, we will adapt the protocols to reflect those changing conditions. We sincerely believe that we can gather for worship AND provide for the safety of all if we work together.

When you come on Sunday, you should expect the following:

  • You will enter and exit through the double doors coming from the parking lot to foyer.
  • You will be scanned for a fever (anything 100.4 and above).
  • You will sanitize your hands with provided hand sanitizer.
  • You will be required (age 5 and up) to must wear a mask. Masks will be provided to those who need them.
  • You will be directed into the auditorium where a volunteer will assist them in finding appropriately distant seating.
  • You must use your own discretion as to who you have sitting with you.
  • You will not be allowed to remain in the foyer or any other room in the building during the worship.
  • You are expected your children with you. If they need to use the restroom and then YOU must escort them. Please make sure that they wash their hands afterwards and then sanitize them after they exit the restroom.
  • You will be, when the service is over, dismissed by an usher in groups.
  • You must immediately exit the building while maintaining physical distancing.


Recent study has revealed that in Indiana, we have a 2.8% infection rate statewide.  That is good news. Currently, we have thankfully only 369 confirmed cases in Tippecanoe county. 

Another important fact that came out of the study was that 45% of those who were infected had NO symptoms.   That means you could be infected at the grocery store on Saturday, and be contagious on Sunday, without ever knowing you were infected.

We realize that these protocols may seem excessive.  However, they are based on the best practices and experience of many congregations that have reopened successfully in the last few weeks.  Our objective is to open and to stay open by taking the necessary precautions to protect the most vulnerable in our families, our congregation, and our community.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any member of the leadership team.

In Christ’s Service with You,

The Leadership Team

 Important Update About Church Services From Our Leadership Team

Greetings Crossroads Folks:

Undoubtably, you have all been watching and listening to the news reports and the constant flow of information about the Corona Virus.  The federal government, state government, and the CDC have now recommended that Americans should not assemble in groups of over ten (10) individuals for the next fifteen (15) days.

They are making this recommendation because they believe that we are on the brink of the virus taking a dramatic upturn in our country.  By limiting the size of gatherings, staying home when possible, and avoiding other people, they believe we can lessen the impact. 

As I mentioned Sunday, this is not about avoiding the virus completely but protecting the elderly and the health compromised from being infected.  If too many of those folks get the virus at one time, it would overwhelm our hospitals and result in needless deaths.  Our small sacrifice now can save countless lives.

In response to this latest recommendation, the leadership has decided that we will NOT hold public services for the next two (2) weeks.  We will, however, broadcast the full service on Facebook live.  We realize that it is not the same as being there in person, but it is our best alternative. We also know that not all of you have the capability to watch on Facebook.  We will try to record the service and put it on DVD.

It is important to us, as your leaders, to protect your health and to comply with the government recommendations.  We will re-evaluate the situation in two (2) weeks to determine what we do next.

We ask you to do two (2) things:

  • Do NOT show up for church on Sunday. Only those needed to broadcast the service will be allowed in.  Tune in Sunday at 10:30am for the service.


  • Please contact either the leadership or the staff if you need ANY assistance at all. We are here to help you whatever form that may take.  We are the family of God and family takes care of family!


In Christ’s Love,
The CCC Leadership Team

 A Note From Our Leadership Team About Covid-19




We are all aware of the current situation with the Coronavirus.  While currently, the risk for getting the infection is very low, we are taking precautions to minimize any possibility of transmitting the virus at the church.  They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Disinfecting all door handles after each event or service.
  • Disinfecting the hard surfaces in the auditorium, nursery, and children’s areas each week.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms daily during the week.
  • Disinfecting tables and chairs after each use with bleach water before putting them away.

Until further notice, we will be making the following changes to our worship service as well:

  • We will continue to use the two-cup system that we have been using but we will NOT be passing the trays from person to person.  Communion stations will be set up around the auditorium for individuals to serve themselves at the appropriate time in the service.  Anyone with mobility issues can raise the hand and one of the ushers will serve them.


  • We will no longer pass offerings trays.  We encourage you to use the online or app giving portal.  This keeps the handling of cash and checks down to a minimum.  If you give by envelope, cash or check, please drop them in the offering boxes by the auditorium entrance.  

Finally, please follow the CDC guidance on protecting yourself during to this time by the following:

  • Frequently and properly wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.  You can always watch the service via our Facebook page.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Practice “social distancing” of 3-6 feet and avoiding shaking hands and hugging (we know that will be tough for the “huggers” in our congregation).

If you find that you have been exposed to someone with the virus, please self-quarantine and advise the church if you have attended after being exposed.  We are a family, and we take care of each other.  If you need someone to deliver food or other essentials, we are here for you.

We believe that these are prudent steps to take at the present time.  If the situation changes significantly, we will respond accordingly.  Please be praying for those who are infected, and for God’s protection over those most at risk.

In Christ’s Love,
The Leadership Team