Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July

First, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July.  It seems to me kind of off that we are celebrating it in the middle of the week.  Whatever this day has or holds for you, my prayer is that you celebrate being an American.

What is odd is that there are some preachers and believers who think it is somehow inappropriate or wrong to be a patriotic Christian.  They have objections to any reference to our country in worship services.  Some go as far as to object to the displaying of the American flag in our auditoriums.  They think we are confusing patriotism and worship.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and conscience and I respect that.  Our country has many flaws and been guilty of many serious sins in the past.  Sins that have been paid for with lifeblood of many.  Without a doubt, America is not perfect today.  There are still problems to be overcome and it would be foolish to deny that.

In my opinion, the United States is still the best nation on this planet.  I do not say that because I am an American.  I believe that because it is TRUE.  I believe that God’s divine hand was and is still working in this country.  I believe that we have a great nation because it was founded on a belief in God and that God created us with rights.  Dr. Tackett, from the Truth Project, calls it “The American Experiment”.

It is not my intent to deify America or the Founding Fathers.  They were flawed human beings as we all are.  However, when they conceived of this country and established it through the Declaration of Independence, I believe they were guided by a divine wisdom.   That wisdom is why we have the freedoms and prosperity we have today.

Political commentator, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza asked us to imagine a world without America.  I would suggest that you reflect on that very idea from a Christian perspective.  Think about how the Body of Christ in this country supports the Body of Christ in the rest of world.  Now we are all God’s people, but billions of dollars annually go out from the believers of THIS country for food, clothing, clean water, healthcare, education, and the message of God’s love and the gospel of Christ.

I appreciate my country for what it is.  I see no conflict between being grateful to God for America, honoring those who fight to protect us, remembering those who have died defending us and believing in the Kingdom of God.


See You Sunday!