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When you enter our parking lot, you will want to keep to the right and come to the south entrance. There is guest parking in front, near the doors. When you enter the building, as our guest, we want you to be comfortable and feel at home. Before the service begins, we invite you to come early to enjoy coffee. There will be friendly faces to greet you as you come in. Please feel free to ask them any questions.
Pre-school and elementary aged children will begin in worship with us and then be dismissed to Little K and Kidmo sometime before communion. Your child is welcome to stay with you at this time but we do ask that if they decide to join the other children later that a parent walks them back to ensure they arrive safely in the children’s ministry area. We strive to provide your children quality, age-appropriate worship and small-group interactions in a safe and secure environment. When you pick up your child, please wait at the check-in station for the volunteer to bring your child to you. This helps us to protect all children and allows for an orderly dismissal.
When you enter the auditorium, feel free to sit wherever you are most comfortable. Our music is modern, Christian music blended with updated traditional hymns. The goal of our worship service is to facilitate you exalting God, and humbling yourself before Him. There is no dress code or need to impress others. Everything we do is for an audience of ONE. His Spirit searches our hearts so He knows us intimately. The great news is that He still loves us and desires a relationship with each of us. 
We will ask you to fill out an attendance card. You can trust us with your contact information. We promise to keep it confidential and will only use it to communicate with you appropriately. Please drop the card in the offering plate and let that be your gift to us.
Our worship service will last about an hour and fifteen minutes. We encourage you to bring a Bible and something to write with. The sermon will be challenging, motivating, and encouraging! 

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