CrossKids Daycare

 7-27-20 COVID-19 Safety Protocol Update


Due to the Mask mandate all children at CrossKids Daycare will need to wear a mask when attending the daycare.  We are not required to wear masks when playing outside.  Should you have an objection to having your child wear a mask you will need to receive an exemption and have it on file with us.

We will be making masks on Tuesday, July 28th as an introduction to the importance of wearing a mask to keep us all healthy.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  Mrs. Duff (765.532.1303 or 765.567.4231)

Crosskids Daycare Ministry “Jumping Up and Down”

April 3, 2020 Letter to Parents


Dear Parents, many have asked how we are doing.  So far, we are open and doing fine.  Checking temperatures and cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. 
Since we cannot sing Sunday in the worship service we video taped the ones who are coming and it will be played this Sunday at 10:30 on Facebook Live or go to , click on the Live Service Feed Facebook link to watch.  
Your child can see some of their friends and sing along.  Then you can all watch the service together. 
After this you can go to the Children’s Ministry link where I use the “resurrection Eggs” to tell the story of Easter through the surprise of each egg.  They are done in 2 egg segments so start on Monday and finish on Saturday.  Then next week, Easter Sunday, watch the live stream again and there will be a children’s lesson all about Easter.  We may not be able to get together, but we can still celebrate Easter and all remember “JESUS IS ALIVE”.
For those of you who have paid tuition, thank you so much.  You can still pay through the mail or bill pay through your bank or drop off a check at the daycare.  As always, let me know of any changes and we will see you when this is all behind us. 
In HIS service,
MaryAnne Duff

A Letter To Parents Regarding The Covid-19 Virus 

Dear Parents, With the closing of schools and the advisories that have come from the State of Indiana, we will stay open with the following protocols:
  • No Parents will enter the classroom. All children will be checked by a teacher at the door for a fever.  If your child is running a fever (over 99.0) he/she will be sent home.  If your child is not running a fever, he/she will be admitted into the classroom.  Parents are to ring the bell and a teacher will bring your child and belongings out to you.
  • We will stay open as long as we do not have a confirmed case. If we have a confirmed case of COVI19 we will immediately close and give you further details that have been given to us by the Tippecanoe Health Department.

This being said, we will continue our program as we would during any school break.  Please let us know if your child will be coming on Monday, March 16th – 31st.  We totally understand if you want to keep your child home during this time.

We are not fearful knowing that God is still in control, but we are taking every caution to keep us all healthy. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
Mrs. Duff

 A Letter Regarding April Tuition

Dear Parents,

With the current conditions it looks like we will be continuing our protocols that we have instituted.  Many of you have asked what we can do for the Month of April to maintain your spot in the daycare (if you are currently not using it) but ease the financial burden through this current crisis.

  • If you are using the daycare you will pay as usual the full time or daily rate, depending upon what you use.
  • If you are not using the daycare at this time, you may use your one (1) week vacation and we will credit you for one additional week. In short, you will pay ½ of your normal tuition.  This will keep your spot in the daycare and allow us to stay operational with minimal staffing.

We are not fearful knowing that God is still in control, but we are taking every caution to keep us all healthy and to financially weather this present storm together.  Please let me know what your plans are for next week.  I will be sending out your tuition invoice via e-mail next week.

 Thank you for your cooperation & patience.  Mrs. Duff

Mission Statement

CrossKids Daycare Ministry exists to provide families with quality, affordable daycare in a loving Christian atmosphere. We seek to provide a family ministry reaching out to the entire family with Christ’s love and care.


CrossKids Daycare Ministry operates under the supervision of the evangelist and the oversight of the elders of Crossroads Christian Church. The ministry is registered with the state of Indiana and complies with all regulations for the health and safety of the children.


MaryAnne Duff, our director has a Bachelor’s of Religious Education, Child Development Associate and continues her education with graduate courses. She comes to us with over 30 years of experience and development of 2 Daycare Ministries. Our teachers have deep Christian character and a love for children. They are trained in early childhood appropriate practices, CPR, Universal Precautions and first aid certified.


The curriculum is designed to give your child a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for entrance into Kindergarten. We include pre-reading, music, language development, early math, thinking skills, & social/life skills, combined with character building skills and Bible stories to help each child to become a well-rounded individual. No child will be dissuaded from his/her parent’s beliefs. We accept children who are 3 years old and potty trained through 10 years old.
If you would like more information, please stop by for a tour or contact the daycare director, MaryAnne Duff.


The daycare hours are 6:30am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday. There will be a late fee charged for late pick up. We are closed for some holidays as listed in our Parent Handbook.



Full Time $410 month
4 days a week $368 month
3 days a week $300 month
2 days a week $216 month
Daily Rate $28 per day
Before School Care $5.00 per day
After School Care $6.00 per day
Transportation $4.50 per day
(To Burnett Creek)