A Job Well Done


I know many of you are curious about what the exact amount of the 30 pieces of Silver Offering was. The total is $9,777.16. You should be proud of your generosity. That will provide enough for us to repair, reseal and re-stripe the parking lot along with a couple of safety and security upgrades. Thank you again for going over and above financially.

There has been a change in the April calendar. Due to a cancelation of a leadership training, we WILL have the men’s fellowship breakfast this coming Saturday. I will be continuing my teaching on leadership. This month will be talking about leading your family through all seasons of life. If you can come, please make the effort. It is a great time of fellowship and study as men of God.

If you have a chance, please go over and look at the new church website. Mrs. Nance has put in some serious effort to make it look great and provide needed information to both members and prospective guests. You will be able to hear Sunday’s sermon and read the bulletin. You will be able to access past Wednesday Wisdoms as well. After you do, let you know how much you appreciate it. She deserves recognition for a job well done.

On the same note, ALL requests for use of the building and scheduling of events MUST go through Mrs. Nance. She is now the keeper of the calendar. Remember to check the calendar first before contacting her to see if the date and/or area is available. My advice is to contact her well in advance of your date. This goes for ALL staff and Point Persons. We want our calendar up-to-date.

While weather wise it does not seem like it, I know many have started your spring cleaning. Some of you have asked about whether or not we are accepting items for the fall garage sale. The answer is definitely YES! Please bring the “used but not abused” items to the church building in either plastic tubs or bags, and will we store them in the pole barn. If you have larger items and need assistance, please contact me and I will arrange for pick up.

Remember all proceeds from the Garage sale go to fund our benevolence program, “My Brother’s Keeper”. The need continues to grow each year as we try to help those in need in our congregation and community.

See You Sunday,