Financial Peace University

Do you want to control your money instead of having your money control you? Financial Peace University is a once-a-week class lasting nine weeks that teaches you how to manage your money God’s way. If you missed getting enrolled in the class, a new one typically starts a few months after the end of the last one.
Despite the name “University”, no previous college education, or even high school education is required. This class teaches you how to be “street smart”, so to speak (wise as serpents – Mathew 10:16). You’ll learn how to overcome credit card problems, tackle your finances, and even learn how to invest your money like a pro.
Typically adults attend this class, but on occasion teenagers have attended. All can benefit from the class. If you’re married, it’s best to attend the class with your spouse. Why? Because a key benefit of taking the class together is that it teaches you how to work on your finances together. You’re thinking “you don’t know my spouse!… We can’t work together when it concerns money”. This class will pull you and your spouse together to overcome the money problems that have been tearing you apart.
If you’re interested in taking the next class, please contact Mike Duff, 765-532-3996 or . The class cost $100 (including books). If this is a problem, please talk to Mike.
New session begins August 21st at 7pm. Sign up today!